Blackboard Ultra: Progress Tracking

This article introduces staff to Blackboard Ultra Feature Progress Tracking.  It allows students to track their course progress related to your course content, assignments, and tests contained within a Blackboard Ultra module.

To enable or disable this feature, locate the Progress Tracking option listed under the Details & Actions menu.Image showing where to access Progress Tracking in Details & Actions menu in Blackboard Ultra.

Module progress can be found on the Course Content page beside the item name.  The item’s progress status is displayed within a circle.Image showing the various stages of the Progress Tracking icons in Blackboard Ultra once progress tracking has been enabled,.

The circle’s appearance changes based on your progress:

  • Empty when you haven’t accessed the item yet
  • Partially filled when you’ve opened the item or accessed the item through Ally
  • Green checkmark when you’ve completed the item

Students can mark items such as documents, uploaded files, or links.  If they want to review the item again, they can go back and unmark the item.  Once you’ve submitted items like assessments, tests, journals, or discussions, progress tracking automatically marks them as complete.

For more information on using Progress Tracking or any other feature in Blackboard Ultra, please contact