Getting Started With ReView


What is ReView ?

ReView is a Teesside University’s Educational  Activity Capture service.  This easy-to-use video recording platform powered by Panopto can be used for lecture capture, personal capture/screencasting and streaming video content. ReView recordings can combine audio, video, PowerPoint slides and screen capture in a format that can then be accessed by students at any time using a computer, tablet or mobile device. This guide will explain everything you need know to get started using ReView.

What can I Use ReView for?

The ReView service is backed by a powerful, yet versatile video recording platform, Panopto that can be used to create many different video resources for teaching and learning. Here are a few of the most common ways in which you can use the ReView service at Teesside University.

  • Lecture Capture – Use ReView to record your lectures and allow students to refer back to them at a later date.
  • Personal Capture / Screencast –  Download and install the recorder to your work/personal computer or mobile device to create video recordings from the comfort of your home/work space.
  • Stream Existing Video Content – As well as recording lectures and  personal captures, you can upload any existing videos that you use as part of your teaching and embed them within your Blackboard modules.
  • Webcasting – The webcasting feature within ReView gives you the ability to synchronously broadcast a live taught session to students outside of the University.

How do I Start Using ReView ?

  1. Download and Install the Recorder – The Panopto Recorder can be downloaded to your work or home computer enabling you to start recording content for your modules. The following guide explains how to download and install the Panopto Recorder.
    NOTE: The recorder is available in all General Purpose Teaching rooms and Lecture Theatres. The following link provides a list of AV equipment available in GPT rooms across campus.
  2. Connect your Blackboard modules – Before you start using the Panopto Recorder, you will need to connect ReView to your Blackboard modules. This process is known as “provisioning”. The following guide explains how to configure ReView within a Blackboard module.
  3. Record Content – Once you’ve installed the Panopto Recorder and provisioned any Blackboard modules you want to record to, you’re ready to start recording content.

Using ReView for Lecture Capture

ReView gives you the ability to record your lectures, seminars and tutorials. During a lecture, the recorder will capture the audio from the boundary microphone and synchronise it automatically with whatever is displayed on the computer screen, typically a PowerPoint presentation. Once the recording is completed, it will be automatically uploaded to the relevant Blackboard module for your students to view.

Using ReView for Personal Capture/Screencast

By downloading and installing the Recorder to your computer or mobile device you can create recordings from the comfort of your own work space. Using ReView for screencasting opens up many opportunities beyond lecture capture, such as creating introductory videos, flipping the classroom, and creating software demonstrations.