Adobe Express: Create an animated character from Audio


This knowledgebase article provides a comprehensive guide on leveraging the powerful ‘Animate from Audio’ feature within Adobe Express. Designed to offer users an innovative way to bring their content to life, Animate from Audio allows you to transform your voice or uploaded audio files into animated avatars seamlessly. Whether you’re an academic or a student, this feature opens up exciting possibilities for creating engaging and interactive multimedia content.


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Adobe Express: Animate from Audio

With Animate from Audio, you can effortlessly generate animated characters that mirror your voice or the audio input you provide from over 200 pre-created characters. Once complete, the project can then be downloaded in video format and shared with your audience, or seamlessly integrated into your designs within Adobe Express.  The use of these animated characters adds a personalised touch to your content, enhancing its visual appeal and engagement potential.

Using this guide, you will be shown how to use the Animate from Audio feature, from getting started with creating your animated character to exploring its various customisation options.

Image showing a default screenshot used to promote the Animate from Audio feature now included in Adobe Express.

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Animate to Audio character Workflow

The following is a step-by-step guide to creating a character that is lipsynced to a voice recording in Adobe Express.

1. Navigate to the Adobe Express home page and click on “Video” under the “Welcome Message” at the top of the page.

Image showing the steps used to access the Animate from Audio feature in Adobe Express - Step one is to click on the Video icon on the home page menu.

2. Search the “Video Quick Actions” menu and click on “Animate from audio“.

Image showing the steps used to access the Animate from Audio feature in Adobe Express - Step one is to click on the Animate from Audio icon on the Video menu..

3. Choose a character by clicking on “Character” from the options available.

Image showing the 200+ pre-existing characters that can be chosen when developing a Animate from Audio project.

4. Customize your video by selecting a background image or uploading one from your device under “Background“. It should also be noted that the character can be resized and moved around the screen

Image showing the pre-existing backdrops that can be chosen when developing an Animate from Audio project. There is also an option to upload a custom image, such as off Teesside University.

5. Determine the size of your video by selecting “Size“. Opt for auto-sizing for social media platforms or choose the “Custom” option to set specific dimensions.

Image showing various aspect ratio options that can be chosen when developing a 'Animate from Audio' project.

6. Begin the recording process by selecting “Record“. Alternatively, you can import an audio file from your device by clicking on “Browse” (Adobe Podcast is recommended for separate audio recording).

Image showing the Record button which must be pressed to start capturing Audio in 'real-time' that will be used to develop the animated character. Image showing the Pause button that can be used to Pause a recording of the voice over.
When ready to record, press the Record button. Toggle on Enhance Speech to make use of GenAI to make the recording sound more professional. You can pause a recording and restart it.  When complete, click the Done button.


7. Depending on the length of the video you recorded (maximum 2 minutes), audio will take some time to process the outputted character.

Image showing a finished voice recording being process by Adobe Express to create the animate character project.

8. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, click on “Download” to save the file.

Image showing the options available once an Animate to Audio project is complete. The options include 'Download' and 'Open in Editor'.

9. Alternatively, choose “Open in Editor” to further enhance your animated character within Adobe Express for use in designs.

Image showing the Animate from Audio project being opened in the Editor which gives the end user more control over the customisation of the finished product.

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Contact Us

If you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail or explore any of the more advanced options of this feature, please don’t hesitate to contact the Digital Learning Specialists, who are more than happy to arrange bespoke coaching and mentoring sessions.

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