Attaching feedback to a Turnitin assignment

This guide explains how you can attach feedback documents (Created for example in Microsoft Word) to a Turnitin assignments for all assessments within your modules.  To do this there are two methods that Teesside University suggests.  Both methods will achieve the desired result and the choice of either is personal preference.

For help with creating a Turnitin assignment please see the Creating a Turnitin Assignment guide.

This guide assumes that you have previously setup and signed into your Microsoft One Drive.

Method One:

Creating a standard Teesside University feedback document and uploading it to Microsoft OneDrive.  Sharing the document, creating a web address link known as a Universal Resource Locator (URL) and copying this into the Turnitin feedback text input box.

Once you have assessed a student’s work and created the feedback document in a word processing application such as Microsoft Word you will need to save the document to your Microsoft OneDrive (For help with how to structure and save content to Microsoft OneDrive please see the Creating and saving content on Microsoft OneDrive  guide).

Image of an example of assessed student workExample of assessed student work

Saving the feedback sheet to Microsoft OneDrive.  File > Save As > OneDrive – Teesside University.

You can also click on the More Options link to have Microsoft OneDrive open in folder view to allow navigation and folder creation etc. simpler.

Image showing how to save files to Microsoft OneDrive

The document should be saved somewhere that is easy to locate in the future.  In this example, several sub-folders have been created (Turnitin Feedback > CSDP > Feedback).  The feedback sheet has also been saved using a unique and intuitive name (this is useful is there will be multiple feedback sheets all being stored in this folder for example, CSDP-Element-1-FB-Simon-Patterson.docx)

Image showing an example of a folder structure to save files on OnDrive in an organised and structured way

The saved file needs to be shared with the specific student, you can access Microsoft OneDrive either via a browser such as Microsoft Edge or via Windows Explorer (if supported by your computer system).

Browser version of Microsoft OneDrive

Image showing browser version of Microsoft OneDrive

Windows Explorer version of Microsoft OneDrive

Image showing Windows Explorer version of Microsoft OneDrive

Using either method, right click on the feedback document to be shared and select the Share option. (Image shows both browser and windows explorer and their associated share option)

Image showing how to Share a document with a learner on Microsoft OneDrive

You will need to enter the name of the student that the feedback sheet belongs to (this will allow them access to open and read this assignment feedback document).  Once added, select the Copy Link button.

Image showing how to share a document with a specific user (Student) and how to create a Link

Change the permissions for the student you are sharing the file with to include only read permission so that they cannot edit the feedback sheet.  Click on the dropdown menu and select the Can View option.

Image showing how to set read only permissions to Feedback sheets shared with studentspermissions to read only

A new link window will open, click the Copy button

Image showing Link Share option

Access the assessed student work (the Turnitin assignment) in Blackboard Ultra from the Grade Centre

Image showing how to add a grade point score to a Turnitin assignment

Once loaded, click on the Grade icon.

Image showing how to edit the student Feedback in a Turnitin Assignment

The student work should have the total points scored out of the possible points available awarded, next click on the Feedback Summary button.

Image showing Turnitin assignment that has been graded and given feedback

Finally, paste the URL to the feedback document stored (and shared) on Microsoft OneDrive.  It is helpful to include a brief explanation of what the link you have included is, for example “Your feedback can be found here”.

Image showing how to add link to OneDrive feedback to a Turnitin assignment

Close the document window complete the process.

Method Two:

The goal of this method would be to use Turnitin to accept the submissions and obtain that originality report and then to provide students with their grades and feedback via a “dummy” Blackhboard Ultra assignment.

Using this method and having already setup the required assignment in Turnitin (see Creating a Turnitin Assignment for further help) you will be guided through the process of creating a regular “dummy” Blackboard assignment, configure the assignment to “Collect Submissions Offline” and then use the standard Blackboard Ultra feedback functionality to give feedback and marks.

To create a new Blackboard assignment, go into the module that relates to the specific Turnitin assignment (previously created) and identify where you wish to place the assignment.  Click on the purple plus sign that appears when you hover between your content items.

Image shoing how to add content in Blackboard Ultra using the plus symbol

Select Create and from the new folder select Assignment.

Image showing hoe to setup a new assignment in Blackboard Ultra

Add the standard assignment details and settings including the Maximum Points etc however, we recommend that the Due date and time is not used as Blackboard Ultra treats the date and time you enter the score into an offline submission as the submission time for the student. The Collect submissions offline tick-box option must also be selected.  This option doesn’t require students to upload a submission. By checking Collect Submissions Offline, this prevents students from uploading any content. In this example, this option is used to simply give the lecturer a place where they can upload feedback that relates to a Turnitin assignment and enter the achieved student mark.

Image showing how to setup a Collect submission offline assignment.

Remember that the new Blackboard assignment will not be used to submit work

 Image showing a collect offline assignment

You can now collect and assess the Turnitin assignment submissions as normal and use the Blackboard Ultra assignment to add just the feedback and score.  Once assessed, the feedback sheets can be produced and uploaded to the Blackboard Ultra version of the assignment.

Remember that no mark should be given to student work in the Turnitin assignment 

Add the total marks achieved from the available Mark score.

Image showing adding marks to a Blackboard Ultra assignment

Click on the student in question to record that they have submitted an attempt.  Add the submitted date and time and click Save.

Image showing adding submission dates to a Blackboard Ultra assignment

Once the Save button has been clicked, the student in questions Offline submission page automatically loads, the Feedback options will be listed on the righthand side of the screen.  To attach the pre-created feedback document click the Insert content dropdown menu and select the Attachment option.

Image showing how to attach a Feedback document to a Blackboard Ultra assignment

You can edit the feedback documents file attributes if needed.

Image showing editing attributes for a file (Feedback document) being uploaded in Blackboard Ultra

Click Save to finish the feedback sheet upload.

Image showing saving an uploaded file in Blackboard Ultra

By only adding the achieved assignment score to the Blackboard Ultra assignment and not the Turnitin assignment this will ensure that the grade won’t be duplicated both versions of the assignment in the student’s grade centre as this might cause confusion.