Adobe Express: Transferring projects between accounts

In this guide, you will learn how to transfer and/or share Adobe Express projects between user accounts, supporting collaborative working.

Why would I copy an Adobe Express project?

Without this feature, users have to unnecessarily create the same content multiple times and it’s very difficult if the layer or design is part of your core design on multiple projects

*NOTE You can only transfer projects using the Adobe Express web app.

 Read on to learn the steps to follow to send projects from one account to another.

Log in to Adobe Express on your desktop. and click the Projects button on the left of the screen.

Image showing how to access Adobe Creative Cloud Express and open the previously created projects option.

Open the project you want to transfer and click the Share button on the upper-right corner and then select Invite.

Image showing how to share, transfer and invite other users to your projects.

Enter the email of the person you want to transfer the project to. There is also a text box below Add People where you can write a brief message to tell the person(s) how they can help with the collaboration. Once you have added the details of all required collaborators (and an optional message), click on the Invite to edit option (this button will become available once at least one collaborator’s contact email address has been added).

Image showing how to add the user accounts you want to invite to your projects.

The Get link option offers the ability to share a project via weblink with others who have been granted access. If they have not been granted Edit rights they will need to request this from the creator/owner of the project.

Receive projects

If you are the recipient of a project, follow these steps to add it to your account.

Accept the project invitation that you will receive in your email by clicking the Start Collaborating link or from the in-app notification centre.

By clicking on the link in the email, this should automatically open Adobe Creative Cloud Express and the project that has been shared with you.

Image showing email with invitation to the shared Adobe Creative Cloud Express project.

Note* If the project that is being shared with you includes a brand, then this brand will also need to be shared with you otherwise Adobe Creative Cloud Express applies your own default brand to the project.

Image showing problems relating to sharing a project that has an associated brand that has not been shared.

Note** A current limitation of Adobe Express is that if the project being shared is currently open and being worked on by another user then you will have to wait until they have closed the project before you can open and edit it.

To allow multiple users to work collaboratively on an Adobe Creative Cloud project, a workaround to this is to create a Microsoft Teams meeting that includes all users wanting to collaborate and sharing a nominated members screen who applies all of the edits as other users provide their input.

Locate the project under the Shared with you

Image showing the shared project has now been transferred to the other user.

Click the project menu and select Duplicate.

Image showing how to duplicate a shared project in Adobe Creative Cloud Express

The shared project has now successfully been duplicated, this new copy can now be modified without the changes being reflected on the original shared copy.

More videos on Creative Cloud Express can be found here: Creative Cloud Express – YouTube