Making Panopto Videos downloadable in Blackboard Ultra

This article guides you through the process of making a Panopto Video downloadable and then embedding inline within a Blackboard Ultra document.

Access the Panopto Review via

Image showing how to modify the configuration of Panopto video

On the video in question, click on the settings button.

Image showing how to configure the download options in Panopto

On the Overview tab, modify the Downloads dropdown option to Authenticated Users with Access.

Image showing how to create an embed code in Panopto

Click on the Share tab and select Embed and click on the Copy Embed Code button.

Image showing how to create a HTML component in Blackboard Ultra

In Blackboard, create a new Document (or open the previously created document where you intend to embed the video).  Click the ‘plus’ button and select the Add HTML option.

Image showing HTML Embed code in Blackboard Ultra

Paste the embed code copied from Panopto and click Save.

Image showing inline video from Panopto in Blackboard Ultra

The video will now show inline within the Blackboard Ultra document.

Image showing the download option inline video from Panopto in Blackboard Ultra

When students access this resource, they will see the option to download the video.