Adobe Portfolio: Publishing & Unpublishing your Portfolio

This guide has been produced to inform staff on how to publish a portfolio site in Adobe Portfolio.  It also explains the process to follow to un-publish a live site so that it is no longer accessible.  As well as the comprehensive guide, there is also an embedded video included at the end of the document that demonstrates some of these techniques.

Publishing & Unpublishing your Adobe Portfolio Site

When you are ready to make your site live or update changes to your existing live site, you will need to publish your site.  To do this, in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, click the “Publish Site” button to make your site live.

Image showing the publish site button in Adobe Portfolio

Click this button and Portfolio will show a message letting you know it is building your live site.

Image showing a portfolio site in the process of being published in Adobe Portfolio

When it is ready, you will get a notice that your site is live and a link will appear for your site.

Image showing a portfolio site has been successfully published in Adobe Portfolio

When you make changes in the future, remember to click “Update live site” so those changes are reflected on your site.  

Image showing the button to update a live site with any changes that have been made since it was last published.

As you continue to add to and edit your site, don’t let it get cluttered.  Remember that simplicity in the interface and visual design of your site will push your work to the surface, where it belongs.  

Unpublishing your site

If you no longer wish to have your site available online, you can unpublish (and also republish) at any time.

Unpublishing your site will not delete your site. It will only take it offline.

When unpublishing your site you can choose between:

  • Displaying a holding page with an Unpublish message (i.e. under construction message)
  • Take your website offline entirely

To unpublish your site:

This image shows how to un-publish a live Adobe Portfolio site

  1. Click into Settings in the left-hand panel
  2. Go to Unpublish Site 
  3. Select to display a message or take the website offline
  4. Click Unpublish Site

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates the techniques described within this guide to both publish and unpublish portfolios from Adobe Portfolio.