Adobe Portfolio: Add a contact page

Add a contact page

In the Essentials settings, click on Pages and then click the blue plus button towards the bottom of the settings menu.  Depending on where about in your project you are when you create the new Page it may appear above, below or within one of your content collections.  You can drag the page into the hierarchical order you would like it to be navigated to (this will have an impact on the navigation sections of your site – top left link) by clicking on the Navigation circle located to the left-hand side of the page. 

Contact Page

 Add a contact Form

Once the new page is created you can click on the page name to open the new page and like before will be presented with a Start building your page wizard.  The final add content option is to insert a Form.  Clicking on this Form icon will automatically generate a form that can be used to allow visitor to submit comments or reviews. 

Build your page add form