The Basics of using a Blog

Within a particular module you may be asked to participate in a blog. Blog is short for web log, and it could be thought of as an on-line, public diary. Remember a blog is almost always public so whatever you write will be visible to others in your module.

The location of the blog in the module will vary so check with your module tutor if you are unsure as to where it is. It normally looks something like this:


Clicking on the title will take you into the blog itself.

A blog in Blackboard can either be a course blog, or an individual blog.

Course Blog

A Course blog is where all students in a module post into one blog.

When you access a course blog, you can see all posts made on either a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how the blog has been set up. You can check this by looking over on the right hand side of the page where the Index is located. You can also filter the blog to only show you posts made by a particular student. Clicking on All Course Members over on the right hand side of the page lists all students – clicking on a particular student will show you posts made by that student.

Individual Blog

An individual blog is where you each have your own blog in the module. However, you can still read other student’s blog posts. You should see your name listed over on the right hand side of the page. Clicking on your name will reveal a list of other students in the module. By clicking on their names will allow you to read their blog posts.

Creating Posts

Regardless of whether a blog is course or individual, the process for adding new posts are the same.To create a new post, click on the Create Blog Entry button – this is located underneath the blog title. Fill in your blog entry, remembering to give your post a meaningful title. Clicking Save Entry as Draft allows you to come back to the post at a later date to finish it. Others cannot read a post that is saved as a draft. Clicking Post Entry makes the post live for others to read.


If your tutor has allowed comments, you will see a button underneath each post called Comment. Clicking on this will allow you to make comments on fellow student’s blog entries. Please remember to be respectful of others. Your blog entries may also be used in some form of assessment so be mindful of any comments you make.