This guide is an overview of the groups area in Blackboard.

Groups can be created to provide students with a private space to work in teams.  Each group can be allocated various tools including a blog, journal, wiki, discussion board, an email list, a chat room and file tools, where you can share documents.  You will not be able to enter groups you are not a member of.”

Quick Start Guide to Blackboard

GroupsIf a module is using groups you will normally find a link to the group pages on the module menu.  If you are unsure where to find the module’s group pages please speak to your tutor.

Joining a Group

Most of the time your tutor will allocate you to a group.  There’s also the possibility you’ll be asked to choose a group yourself.  Your tutor will clarify this for you when discussing the purpose of the group with you.

Remember only the student members of the group can see the content within their own group area. However, any of the module leaders on the module can also access to the groups and group space.