Customise your Home Tab

Once you login to Blackboard Learn, you will see the Blackboard home screen under the Home Tab (as shown below) which hosts a collection of information from all your courses, links to University services and student organisations. You can customise this Home screen. The changes will only affect your own Home tab screen and is visible only to you.


The screengrab above, indicates the following areas on the Home tab that will be discussed in this guide:

  1. Global Navigation Menu
  2. Navigation tabs
  3. Modules
  4. Add Module
  5. Personalise Page
  6. Reorder Modules
Global Navigation Menu

The Global Navigation menu can be accessed from anywhere within the system by clicking your name in the top-right corner. The menu provides you with quick access to recently visited modules and several other tools which provide timely information about all of your modules in one convenient location. The number in red next to each icon on the menu indicates the presence of new information from that tool, such as new messages and new posts. Learn more about the tools in the Global Navigation Menu using the following guides: Bb Overview, Posts, Updates and Calendar.

Navigation Tabs

You can easily navigate to the different sections within Blackboard using the navigation tabs.

  1. The Home tab is made up of boxes called Modules. By default the Home tab displays several modules that cannot be deleted/removed, this includes University Links, Blackboard Links, Questions?, My Organisations, My Announcements, Current Modules, Previous & Future Modules and Module Catalogue.
  2. You can choose to ‘show’ more modules using the Add Modules option (see the next subtopic).
  3. You can organise the Modules (boxes) on your Homepage according to your preference.  In order to re-arrange the modules, hover over the Module Title, which will make a crossed arrows icon appear to the left, then click the icon and drag the module to the place you want it on the page.
    You may notice that you cannot re-arrange certain modules, for example module advertising current TU events or My Timetables.
  4. Clicking the triangle icon minimises the Module so that only the title bar appears and allows more space to display other information.
  5. You can further personalise Modules like My Organisations, Current Modules and My Announcements. Click the cog icon on the top right of each module and select the attributes that you would like to display for the module and confirm your selections by clicking the Submit button.
  6. Re-ordering content within a Module: By default, content within the Current Modules  > Modules you are studying box is listed alphabetically. You can re-order this list according to your preference. To change the order of your modules, simply hover your mouse pointer over a module in your list, then click and drag the module to a new location within the list.
    module re-order image
Add Modules
  1. You can add or remove modules on your Home tab by clicking the Add Module button on the top left corner.
  2. Browse to view the available list of modules. Click (More) or expand the block by clicking the icon on the right, to see an example of how the module will look like. In order to add a module to you Home screen, simply click the Add button.

  3. You may notice that some modules are labelled as ‘Required’ and do not have the Add option. These are default Modules that cannot be removed. To remove any other Module, click the cross icon at the top right of the module or click the Remove button from the list under Add Module option.

Personalise Page
  1. Personalise the theme of your Home tab screen by selecting a colour from the elements page.
  2. Click the Personalise Page link on the top right. You will be presented with a library of colour palettes. Select a theme and confirm your selection by clicking the Submit button.

  3. If you would like to restore the colour palette to the default theme, click Personalise Page and select (Restore to Default) and click Submit.
Re-order Modules
  1. This is another option for you to organise your Modules on your Home screen.
  2.  You can re-order the Modules by moving them within the list using the up and down arrows or move from one column to another using the left and right arrows.

  3. Click the Submit button to confirm your selection.

Find out more about the Notification Dashboard feature under the Home tab.