Creating Collections in Mahara

A collection is simply a set of pages which are related and linked together. All pages in a collection have the same access permissions. A page can only be used in one collection (although you can create a copy of the page if you want to re-use it in another collection).

Creating a Collection

To create a collection:

  1. Go to Portfolio and select Collections from the menu.
  2. Create a new collection by clicking New collectionCreate New Collection
  3. Enter a Collection name and optionally a Collection description.Creating a new collection
  4. Choose whether you want to display a page navigation bar in your collection. This will provide a horizontal navigation bar with links to all of the pages in your collection and is recommended as an easy way for users to navigate through your collection.
  5. Click the Next: edit collection pages button.
  6. Select the pages you want to add to your collection by checking the boxes next to the titles and then click Add Pages. Only pages which don’t currently belong to another collection will be available to choose from. You can also drag and drop pages from one box to another.Adding pages to a collection
  7. You can remove pages from the collection by clicking the X button next to each page. Pages can be re-ordered by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.
  8. Click Done when you have finished.
  9. You will be returned to the Collections page where you can click on the title of your new collection to view it.
  10. From this page you can also manage pages in each collection, edit the title and description and delete a collection by clicking the relevant buttons located to the right of each collection title, as highlighted below.


Viewing Your Collection

To view a collection, simply click on the collection title on the Collections page, as shown further above. You will be taken to the first page in your collection. If you enabled navigation, you will see the navigation bar with links to the other pages in your collection.

Navigating a Collection

Tip: You can add vertical navigation to each of the pages in your collection by using the Navigation content block which can be found under General on the left-hand menu when editing a page. This will add links to each of the pages in your collection.

For details on how to share your collection with others, see Sharing Pages & Collections in Mahara.