Adding Media Items

In your module you may be asked to engage with tools such as blogs, journals, wikis and discussion boards. All these tools allow you to type in text. You can also include media items, such as pictures and even embed video.

The first step is to ensure you have maximized the text box editor to allow full access to the various different controls. When you go to create an item, the text box might look like this:


This allows you to adjust the text only. If you look on the right hand side there is an icon with a double chevron arrow pointing down. Clicking on this will reveal the full text box controls. You will then see something like this:


You can see that there are now three rows of control icons. This will allow us to add our media items.

Hovering your mouse over the buttons will identify its action. To add a picture into your post click the Insert/Edit Image button (third row down, second from left). This will open a window where you can browse your computer to locate the image you wish to insert.

Clicking the Appearance tab allows you to have some control over how the image will be presented in the post. You can adjust the alignment of the image.

Clicking Insert will place the picture into your post.

If you are not happy with the alignment options of the image once it is in your post you can modify the appearance. Click the image once, and then click the Insert/Edit Image button again. This will now allow you access to the Appearance tab where you can make any changes. Click Update to submit your changes.