Using the ReView Player

This guide aims to explore selected features in the ReView Panopto video player.

  1. Click the video thumbnail in your ReView Video Library. This will launch the ReView player in a new window.


  2. If you are recording video, your a primary web camera or video feed will appear on the top left view port above the Search box.  The main view port will display your slide presentation, screen captures and any additional video feeds. You can switch between slides or screen using the option on the playback controls (shown below).
  3. The playback controls are along the bottom of the


    • Play / Pause
    • Rewind 10 seconds
    • Timeline
    • Volume (click M to mute)
    • Play speed
    • Switch between different captures (i.e. PowerPoint slide ans screen)
    • Show/Hide thumbnail navigation
  4. Clicking the slide/screen thumbnail will take you to the corresponding section of the video.


  5. Click on the Switch icon  to swap streams and use the zoom/ full screen  to focus on a stream.

  6. Contents, Notes, Bookmarks and Discussion

    • Contents: List of the slide titles used in the presentation. Clicking the title will bring you to the corresponding section within the recording.
    • Notes: Use notes to save important/additional information. Notes are personal and cannot be seen by others.
    • Bookmarks: Use bookmarks to remember key moments within the recording. Bookmarks are personal and cannot be seen by others.
    • Discussion:  Students are encouraged to use Discussion to post comments or questions and work collaboratively with their peers. Posts will be visible to all who have access to the recording.  NOTE: As module leader you can disable this feature and may choose not to use this feature for active discussions or to answer questions.
      To disable the discussion board, go to your ReView Video Library. Hover over the video recording and click Settings.
      settingsIn the Overview tab, untick Allow viewers to post comments and close the window.
  7. You can search for specific key words across PowerPoint slides, screen, presenter’s voice, notes, bookmarks and discussions within the recording. Type in the search box and press enter or click the magnifying glass icon.  Click on the search result to jump to that part of the recording. Use the filters (i.e. Search All / Sort) to further refine your result.