Using the Blackboard Calendar

The Calendar tool provides an overview to both module leaders and students of events added to all their enrolled modules . This guide looks at how you can customise your calendar view and how to use the Calendar tool support your students. It also explains how to import all your module Calendar events into Outlook.

About the Calendar Tool

The Calendar gives a personalised view of all events added to:

  • All enrolled modules and organisations
  • Personal Calendar
  • Institutional Calendar

Module leaders are able to add events to their own modules and to their personal Calendar. Students can only add events to their own personal Calendar.


Opening the Global Calendar

The Calendar can be opened from the Global Navigation menu in the top right of Blackboard and from within a module. As the Calendar is a consolidation of all your events your personal view of it will be the same. To easily view your Calendar open it on the Global Navigation menu by clicking on the Calendar icon. You can add events to your personal calendar only from here.

Customising the Calendar view

On the left you will see various options for the display of the Calendar including a list of all your Calendars and the display period. The default option is to view by Month, click on the Day or Week icons for other views. The Calendar will display modules in order of the most commonly used. If you do not wish to see a modules events un-tick the box next to it. If you wish to change the colour of the events that appear in your Calendar for that module, click on the arrow next to the title.


CalendarViewsDay – Week – Month

Course ToolsUsing the Calendar within a Blackboard Module

The Calendar can be used to communicate any module events including:

  • Lectures and seminars
  • Guest speakers
  • Learning activities
  • Office hours and availability
  • Items with due dates

Events can be for one time only or reoccurring. To add events to your module Calendar to be displayed to all enrolled students and module leaders, you will need to do so from within the module.

  1. Access the Calendar tool through the module and go to Control Panel > Course Tools and select Course Calendar.
  2. Now click on the Calendar interface to add an event.
  3. In the create Event box add a name and check the dates and start and end time.
    (If the date and time are incorrect click in the box and change via the menu options.)
  4. If required set as an ‘All day ‘event or as an ‘Reoccurring’ event.
  5. Add an event description.
  6. Once finished click on Save. (You can open events from within the Calendar and edit them later)

Course Items with a due date/time are added automatically to the Calendar, these can include:

  • Assignments
  • Tests
  • Blogs
  • Journals
  • Discussion boards
Turnitin assignments are not currently added to the Calendar automatically.


AddToCourseMenuAdd calendar to module menu

If you want your students to have easy access to the Calendar from within the module you can add a link to it from the module menu. On the module navigation menu with Edit Mode ON click + to add a ‘Tool Link’, select Calendar from the drop down list of Tools and name the link.


Add Calendar to Outlook

The Blackboard Calendar can be added to Outlook for updates through a internet file format called iCalendar. The iCalendar format .ics is supported by other products including Google Calendar so you can add to other calendar applications too.

  1. CalendarFromInternetOpen your calendar from the Global Navigation menu.
  2. Scroll down to the end of the Calendars list and click on ‘Get External Calendar Link’. In the ‘Generate iCal URL‘ box that appears highlight and copy the link.
  3. Open Outlook (desktop version) and open your Calendar. On the top menu locate the ‘Open Calendar’ menu and select the ‘From Internet…’ option.
  4. Now cut and paste the generated external ink into the New Internet Calendar Subscription box and click ‘OK’.
    A message will now ask you to check if you want to add this Calendar to Outlook to subscribe to updates. Check the full link is added with .ics at the end. When you are ready click ‘Yes’.
  5. In your Outlook Calendar (left side menu) you will see under ‘Other Calendars’ a link to ‘Teesside University’ this is your Blackboard Calendar, to rename this, right hand click and select ‘Rename Calendar’.
The Calendar will update from Blackboard within approx 30 minutes. You cannot add events from within Outlook to Blackboard.