“Old” Blackboard Is Being Turned Off – What Should Students Do?

The university’s old Blackboard site (eat.tees.ac.uk) will be turned off at the end of the summer, 30 September 2022.

Since September 2021, you have been using either our new Blackboard Ultra site (bb.tees.ac.uk) or TU Online (tuonline.tees.ac.uk) for all your modules.

As such, apart from a very small number of modules running to completion, our old Blackboard site hasn’t been used for active teaching since August 2021.

After September, anything that was on our old Blackboard site will be removed and deleted.

If you would like to keep any of your old assignment submissions etc, now is the time to take action!

Just to clarify though, it is only our old Blackboard site that is being turned off (eat.tees.ac.uk), which was last used for active teaching in August 2021. It does not affect our new Blackboard Ultra site (bb.tees.ac.uk) nor TU Online (tuonline.tees.ac.uk). If you started at Teesside University after September 2021, this will not affect you.

How To Download Old Assignments & Feedback

This is very easy. Look at the menu down the left hand side of your module, and click on My Grades (in some modules, this may have been called Results & Feedback).

You should now see the My Grades page, which looks something like this:

Any feedback that is written on the web page itself can be “copy and pasted” into a Word document for future reference.

You can also download all the files shown in My Grades. How this works depends on the type of file you are clicking on.

Most of the time, if you click on a file name you will get a normal “file save box” pop up, which will allow you to save your assignment to your computer in the usual way. For example, these files:

Some files contain a version of your assignment, annotated with feedback by your lecturer. You can identify these by the text Annotated feedback may be added to your assignment. Click here to view. For example:

If you click on one of these files, you will see a new page containing your assignment complete with feedback (if present). To download a copy, click on the download button as shown below:

Depending on your web browser, this will either show you a “file save box” popup up, or another web page containing your assignment, which will allow you to download the file to your computer in way that is specific to your web browser.

Lastly, some of your assignments may have been submitted to Turnitin, our plagiarism checker. These files will look something like this:

If you click on one of these files, you will see a new page containing your assignment in Turnitin. To download a copy, first click on the download icon on the right, followed by the Originally Submitted File option in the pop up window. It will look something like this:

If instead, you click on Current View, you can download either the Similarity Report, or your assignment annotated with feedback from your lecturer, depending on what is shown on the screen at the time (click on the red number to get the Similarity Report, or the blue speech bubble to get your feedback, if present).

Your Marks and Grades

If you wish, you can take a copy of your marks before our old Blackboard is turned off. However, your final module marks (though perhaps not your marks for individual pieces of work) will always remain available through e-Vision (e-vision.tees.ac.uk).

Your Learning Materials

If you wish, you can take a copy of learning materials you consider important. To download a file, simply right click on the file in Blackboard and select Save link as… from the popup menu (this is in Chrome, similar though different menus will appear in other web browsers). For example:

Lastly, you may have key videos hosted on ReView which you would like to remain available. These are difficult to make available for download, so in this case, please talk to your module leader about making them available on the new Blackboard Ultra, perhaps in one of your new modules.