Managed Transition

Managed Transition

Managed Transition is what Teesside is calling the process of taking learning materials currently on and then re-imagining, and developing them for use in Blackboard Ultra.

As you will have experienced for yourself in the Blackboard Ultra CPD, whilst Ultra retains many concepts familar from our current Blackboard (the Grade Centre for example), the interface itself is markedly different.

This means that a module layout designed to work well in our current Blackboard, probably won’t be that effective in Blackboard Ultra.

With that in mind, we have written some help guides to support staff through the process of re-imagining their module for Blackboard Ultra.

First, we strongly recommend you review our best practice guide for creating effective learning materials in Blackboard Ultra.

Then, we suggest this second article on how best to access your learning materials in the current VLE.

If you have any further questions, then our Blackboard Ultra Frequently Asked Questions guide covers many of the common queries.

Your route to support is the same as before; the IT Service Desk for technical or data queries, or for learning and teaching queries.