Grading Assignments with Delegated Grading

Delegated Grading allows you to assign module leaders to grade particular sets of student submissions in order to divide the marking for large groups of students. Alternatively, you can use it for second marking purposes to ensure reliable grading.

Delegated Grading is enabled when you create an assignment. See our Creating an Assignment guide for more information on enabled this feature.

Users who perform grading are called delegated graders and they provide provisional grades (and feedback). After all delegated graders have provided grades and feedback, a module leader must review the grading to determine a final grade or reconcile it. Students will not be able to see a grade and feedback for their assignment until it has been reconciled.

The workflow of delegated grading

Delegated Graders: Accessing & Marking Submissions

Each delegated grader will only see assignment submissions that have been allocated to them. You can view assignments which have the Needs Grading status either via:

  • The Needs Grading page: You only see the specific assignments in the module delegated to you, not assignments delegated to others.
  • The Grade Centre: The Needs Grading icon appears in the cells for the grader assigned to the delegated assignment submissions.

Providing grades and feedback for assignments delegated to you is done in the same way as any other assignment. See our Grading an Assignment guide for full details on grading assignments.

Viewing Feedback from Other Graders

Module leaders can view the grades and feedback provided by other graders. This is displayed on the Grade Assignment page in the inline grading panel. Use the drop-down menus to switch between graders.

Switching between delegated graders

Reconciling Grades

Module leaders will need to reconcile grades before grades and feedback become visible to students. Assignment grades can be reconciled by all module leaders after delegated graders have provided their individual grades and feedback. Attempts which have been graded by delegated graders can be identified by the Needs Reconciliation icon Needs Reconciliation Icon in the Grade Centre.

Selecting Reconcile Grades from the menuGrades can be reconciled via the Reconcile Grades page. To access this page:

  1. Click on the down arrow button in the header of the assignment column in the Grade Centre.
  2. From the menu which appears, select Reconcile Grades.

The Reconcile Grades page shows a list of all student attempts along with the grades allocated by each delegated grader. When you hover your mouse over an attempt, two extra buttons become visible, as highlighted below.

The Show Detail View and Add Grader buttons on the Reconcile Grades page

The speech bubble next to a grade denotes that the grader has also provided some feedback. You can view this feedback by clicking on the Show Detail View button (A). The Add Grader button (B) lets you assign another person to grade this attempt.

Click the Show Grader Progress button at the top of the page to view the progress of all graders, what the grader assigned for the average grade for the assignment, and the number of attempts.

Saving a reconciled gradeThe Final Grade column allows you to accept one of the grades set by another grader or assign a different final grade – this is the value that will be displayed to students in My Grades. You are automatically given the choice of selecting the Highest, Lowest, or Average grade from all delegated graders, or you can type in a different value. The grade will save when you press Enter on your keyboard.

You can add some overall feedback for the student which will be displayed in My Grades alongside the grade you have assigned. To do so:

  1. Click on the Show Detail View button.
  2. Click on the Add Feedback link underneath the View Attempt button.
  3. Type your feedback in the text box editor.
  4. Click Submit when you have finished.

After you have reconciled grades, the Needs Reconciliation icon in the Grade Centre will be replaced with the grade you assigned.