Feedback with Turnitin Feedback Studio

Turnitin Feedback Studio combines both the GradeMark and Originality features when viewing a submitted paper.   In the feedback studio these features are retained and accessed through the Instructor Feedback layer and the Similarity layer.  This enables easy access to both annotation and  similarity features when viewing submitted papers.

In Feedback Studio the main methods for adding feedback are:

  • Text Comment  Add a written feedback summary of up to 5,000 characters.
  • Voice Comment– Record up to 3 minutes of audio feedback summary.
  • QuickMark Comments –  Add existing comments onto a student paper, new comments can be saved and reused.
  • Inline Comments – click anywhere on the paper to add a text comment or QuickMark comment onto the paper.  Text can also be highlighted before annotation.
  • Rubrics – enables a marking scheme to be set.

To open Feedback Studio for a submitted paper:

  1. Go into the module Gradebook in the usual way.
  2. Check you are in the Markable Items subtab, and click on the Turnitin assignment in question.
  3. From within the assignment inbox locate the student whose work you wish to grade and within their assignment column click on the grade pencil icon.
    This will open Feedback Studio for that paper.
The Instructor Feedback Layer

Instructor Feedback Layer

Active layers can be accessed via the right side menu click on the Layers button to customise your view. When giving feedback it is possible to also view the Similarity layer this will highlight text with potential matching sources within the paper.   To do this ensure the Similarity layer is ticked.

Adding a summary text comment
  1. Click on the Feedback Summary button  to add text feedback of up to 5,000 words.

    Feedback Summary
  2. Add text by either typing in the box or cutting and pasting from another document (recommended) once completed click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen. If typing long text comments save the comment regularly or preferably write it within a word processing package first. Previous comments can be edited.
Recording a voice comment
  1. You can record a summary voice comment up to 3 minutes long within the Feedback Summary area.
  2. Once you begin recording you can press pause at any point to gather your thoughts, to replay your recording press stop then play, once you are finished press Save.
Commenting directly on papers

Click anywhere on the paper to annotate directly on the paper.   A menu will appear that allows for quick access to: QuickMark comments,  ‘speech bubble’ comments and inline comments.


Commenting and highlighting text

Comments can be added anywhere on the paper.  Comments can be saved as QuickMark comments for reuse.  Comment text can be formatted and links added for greater clarity.

Highlighting a section of text will access the comments feature.  The colour of the highlighted text can be changed.

Inline comments

This feature works best if the submitted papers are in double spacing.

  1. To begin adding an inline comment click on the paper then select the T icon.
  2. Type your comment and when finished click outside the comment elsewhere on the paper. The comment will appear as blue text. To move the comment hover over it until the cursor becomes a four sided arrow and an outline box appears now you can move the text box. To delete an inline comment hover over the text and click the bin icon.
QuickMark Comments

QuickMarks can be accessed through the layers menu.  This will initially display Turnitin’s own sets of QuickMarks.  To choose a different set click on the drop down menu.

QuickMarks can  be accessed by clicking anywhere on the paper and selecting the QuickMark tick button.  Further information about QuickMarks and on creating  your own QuickMarks sets can be found in the guide to Managing Turnitin QuickMarks.

Assign a grade

Add any grades next to the maximum grade value.  This will overwrite any grades set via rubrics.

Navigating between papers

To easily move between papers when marking use the menu at the top right of the page.  The arrows can be used to moved to the next and previous papers.  The drop down menu will display all papers.

Checking to see if Students have viewed feedback

The Post Date set within the assignment will determine when students can view all types of feedback.  Feedback will only be shown within Turnitin therefore students will need to open the assignment to view their feedback. Once you have set up your feedback and made it available to students, you will be able to see who has viewed their marked paper within the Assignment inbox, within the Response column.

Those who have viewed the feedback paper are indicated by the tick icon.

Grademark response

Those who have not viewed will be indicated by a dot icon.

null response

Downloading student papers

If you still wish to download students submitted work you can do so by going to the Turnitin assignment inbox. Once within the assignment inbox you should see a list of the students names who have submitted. Within the Author column you can select specific assignments to download by clicking in the boxes next to those names. To select all the original files to download, select the box next the Author column heading, all the files will now be marked for download. Now select Download on the right and Original File to download submitted work.

Download options

Uploading feedback files as an attachment

We have a separate guide showing how to do this.