Editing a ReView Recording

This guide explains how to perform basic edits to your ReView video captures.

  1. Login to Blackboard, and select a module.
  2. Click on Module Tools in the left hand menu, and then ReView Video Library in the flyout menu on the right.
  3. Hover over the thumbnail of the video you wish to edit.  Click on Edit. This will open the editor in a separate browser window.
NOTE: Edits in ReView are non-destructive. You can retrieve your original recording at any point.

Primary and Secondary Tracks

  1. ReView editor comprises primary and secondary streams.  Typically, the primary track comprises the audio (voice over) track and if available, the primary video feed.

Trimming a Video

  1. To edit the start and end of a recording, click the Scissor icon.
  2. You will be presented with tabs both at the beginning and end of the timeline.
  3. Click and drag the tabs to the desired position. The light areas will be kept and the greyed out areas will be edited out.
  4. You may find it helpful to play the video and pause it at the point you wish to edit. A red line will appear on the timeline as you do so. The tabs will snap to the red line, helping you accurately edit.
  5. To edit out a section in the middle, simply click (mouse down) and drag an area on the track.
  6. To remove an edit, join the tabs.

Edit Individual Tracks

  1. Apart from the slide and primary tracks, all secondary tracks can be edited individually.

Save your Edits

  1. Once you have completed your edits, click Publish on the top right of the page.
  2. The video will be re-published along with the edits.