Deploying a Blackboard Test/Survey

This guide explains how to deploy a test/survey that you have previously created within your Blackboard module. It follows on from Creating a Blackboard Test/Survey guide. Also available is a third guide entitled Tests, Surveys and the Grade Centre that explains how to view results from the Grade Centre.

Deploying your Test/Survey

Although the Test tool is used in this example the same process is used for the Survey tool.

Once you have created a test/survey you will need to deploy it to a content area in your module so that students can see it.

  1. Access the module you want to add the test to.
  2. Ensure Edit Mode is turned On.
  3. Enter the content area you want to put the test in, this is usually Assessment but you might want to place it in a different area.
  4. Click the Assessments tab at the top of the page and from the drop down menu choose Test.
  5. Select from the list the test you want to deploy and click Submit.


Modifying Test/Survey options

You will now be at the Test Options page.


Test Information

In a similar way to adding a content item you can choose the name, colour and description. Some of the fields might already be populated with details you entered when creating the test/survey. Select to show the description and instructions to students before they begin the test.

If you want to have the test/survey open within a new separate window set Open Test in New Window to Yes. Select No to have the test/survey open within the same window as regular Blackboard content.


Test Availability

Set Make the Link Available to Yes, this will allow students to take the test as shown in the image below.

Add a New Announcement for this Test

Select Yes to create an Announcement for the test. The Announcement will include the date and state “The following Test has been made available in [content area that includes the link to the Test]: [Test Name]”.


Multiple Attempts

By default students can complete a test only once, if you tick this box you can choose to allow students an unlimited number of attempts or a number of your choice.


If you choose to allow two attempts or more, you can Score attempts using one of the following scores:

  • Last Graded Attempt—the default
  • Highest Grade
  • Lowest Grade
  • First Graded Attempt
  • Average of Graded Attempts
Force Completion

If this option is not set students have the ability to save their progress by clicking on a Save button during the test. They may then leave the test and continue taking it at another time. If this option is set then students must complete that attempt without the ability to save their progress.


Set timer

Select this check box to set a time limit for finishing the Test. Select the amount of time to allow for the test in the Hours and Minutes boxes. If on the test will Auto-Submit and saved automatically when the time expires.


Display Dates and Password

Select the Display After / Display Until check boxes and choose a date and time for the test to be available from and or too.  You can ‘lock’ the test and make it available for students by setting a password. To set the password select the Password check box and enter a password.



Test Availability Exceptions

If the Timer or Force Completion options are set the test availability exceptions allow for a specific student or group to be excluded from these restrictions.


This is useful for specific arrangements for instance students with Dyslexia as you can set different availability parameters for a specific student or groups.


Due Date

The due date determines the when any assessed tests are due all tests submitted after this date and time will be marked as late in the Grade Centre. Select the option to not allow for students to start the test after the due date if this is option is required.

Self-assessment Options

If the Hide results… option is checked, you will not be able to see any student grades, view answers, aggregate results or download result details. Students will see scores when the test is submitted but the results are not stored and cannot be seen by anyone else.


Test Results and Feedback

You can choose the type of feedback and how results are to be displayed to the student upon completion:


When Choose when to show test results to students.
Score per Question – Show the score on each question to students.
Answers Show all possible answers correct, and/or submitted answers to students.
Feedback Show instructor feedback to students.
Show Incorrect Questions – Mark questions answered incorrectly.

You can also choose when to show the selected options for results and feedback to students:

After Submission   – Presents feedback after students have finished the test.
One-Time-View     – Presents the selected feedback once after initial completion.
On Specific Date   – Presents feedback on a selected date only.
After Due Date       – Presents feedback after the due date selected date and time only.
After Availability End Date – Presents feedback after the end date and time only.
After Attempts are Graded – Presents results after instructor has added grade in grade centre.

Test Presentation


All at Once
Select this option to present the test to the student on one single page.

One at a Time
Select this option to display one question at a time. Students will be presented with navigational tools to move forwards and backwards between questions.

Prohibit Backtracking
Select this option to prevent students from returning to questions they have already answered. This only applies when One at a Time presentation is used.

Randomise Questions
Select this option to display questions in a random order each time the assessment is taken.

Click Submit to confirm your settings.

The third guide in this series explains Tests, Surveys and the Grade Centre.