Copying / Moving ReView Videos from One Module to Another

This guide explains how to copy or move a ReView video from one module to another.

When setting up a new instance of a module (say at the start of the academic year), you may want to copy some of the learning materials over from a previous version. The normal Blackboard Ultra “course copy” feature will not copy videos correctly, and so, please do not select ReView content items when using course copy, but instead, use the process below.

This process will ensure that your videos appear correctly in your new module, with the correct access permissions to be visible to your students. Using Blackboard’s course copy will result in videos that are not visible by students in your new module.

Access the ReView Website
  1. Sign in to Blackboard, and select the module that you wish to copy videos from.
  2. Click on Module Tools in the left hand menu, and then ReView Video Library in the flyout menu on the right.
  3. Click the arrow icon in the top right corner. This will open the ReView website in a separate browser window.
Now make the Copy (or Move)
  1. Identify the video(s) you wish to copy or move (normally they will be on the screen currently in front of you, although sometimes you may need to click into subfolders, if any of these have been created).
  2. Tick the boxes next to the videos you wish to copy or move.
  3. Next click on the Copy (or Move) button along the top menu bar.
  4. A popup window will appear.
  5. From the drop down list, choose the folder into which you wish to copy / move your videos. Normally, you will just need to click on (the little triangle next to) teessideblackboard, followed by the name of your module. Unfortunately, ReView uses the name of the module in this list, rather than the code, which can lead to confusion. You may need to try by trial and error to get the correct folder. The software company who provide ReView are working on a solution for this issue.
  6. Once you have selected a folder, click on Copy (or Move) to complete the process.
  7. Once you have copied your videos to your new module, you can make them available to students in the usual way; by adding them as content items, through the Content Market and then selecting ReView Video.

Sometimes, your new module may not appear in the drop down list of modules into which you want to copy your videos.

This will either be because you are not enrolled in the destination module, or more likely, ReView hasn’t been activated in your new module. This is easy to fix: Simply go into the destination module, select Module Tools from the left hand menu, and then ReView Video Library in the flyout menu on the right. Then restart these instructions from the beginning.