Configuring ReView within a Blackboard Module

Before you start using ReView to record content for your teaching, you will need to configure it to your Blackboard modules.  This process is known as “provisioning” and creates a folder on the ReView (Panopto) servers that inherits the same permissions as your module, meaning only module leaders and students connected to the module can see the recordings. You will only have to this once for every module.

Please note – You will not be able to save/store videos in a module that has not been configured.

The following steps explain how to configure ReView within a Blackboard module.

  1. Login to Blackboard and open a module that you want to use ReView in.
  2. Ensure Edit Mode is turned on.
  3. Under Control Panel, expand the Course Tool option. Click ReView Video Library. This will run the configuration process for you.
  4. You should now see the ReView interface integrated into your Blackboard module. You can use this page to record and view all of your ReView videos and lecture recordings.
  5. Your module is now connected to ReView (Panopto) system. If you want to connect ReView for other modules, just repeat this process.