Batch Feedback: Generating Templates

The Batch Feedback tool allows you to perform three tasks:

  • Download assignment submissions
  • Generate templates to use for providing feedback
  • Upload feedback to the Grade Centre in a batch

This user guide looks at generating templates to use for providing feedback.

The tool enables you to generate one feedback file per student in the module, prefixed with the unique student number, so that they can be uploaded back to Blackboard using the tool. You can also choose to work with groups, if you have set them up in the module.

There are four template options to choose from:

  • Blank Word Document
  • Blank Excel Document
  • Blank Text File
  • Upload your own template file (choose this option if you already have a feedback file template that you want to use to provide students with feedback).
  1. Go to your module and choose Batch Feedback from the Evaluation section of the Control Panel.Batch Feedback tool on the Control Panel
  2. Click Download Templates.
  3. First, select an assignment from the drop-down box.

    Selecting an assignment

  4. If you only want to generate template files for a specific group of students, then click Advanced Group Options and choose a group from the drop-down

    menu. Note: You need to have setup Groups in your module before using this option.Batch Feedback - Advanced Group Options

  5. Next choose the type of template file you want to generate. To generate a blank Word document, Excel document or Text file, simply click on the option. A zip file will be generated which contains one blank template file per student.
  6. To upload your own template file, click on Create feedback files based on your own template file.
  7. On the next page, click Choose File to browse your computer for a feedback file, then click Submit.
  8. A zip file containing one copy of your template file per student will be generated and available for you to download.
  9. To save the zip file to your computer, right-click on the link and choose Save Link As or Save Target As (this will vary depending on your Web browser).
Tip: Remember to un-zip the content of the zip file before editing your documents and adding feedback.