Batch Feedback: Downloading Submissions

The Batch Feedback tool allows you to perform three tasks:

  • Download assignment submissions
  • Generate templates for providing feedback
  • Upload feedback to the Grade Centre in a batch

This user guide looks at downloading assignment submissions.

The tool provides a facility to download assignment submissions in bulk. Filenames will contain the unique student number and name, as well as the assignment title. This is a useful piece of functionality as it enables you to download student submissions for marking offline, if you wish, whilst being able to identify the student by the filename.

It also means that the files are appropriately named for uploading back to Blackboard using the Batch Feedback tool, if you choose to add feedback to the original student submissions.

To download assignments:

  1. Click on Batch Feedback from the Evaluation section of the Control Panel.Batch Feedback tool on the Control Panel
  2. Click Download Submissions.
  3. Select the assignment for which you wish to download submissions from the drop-down box.

    Selecting an assignment

  4. By default, submissions from all students enrolled on the module will be included in the download. If you wish to download submissions for students who are in selected groups only, then click Advanced Group Options and choose a group from the drop-down menu. Note: You need to have setup Groupsin your module before using this option

    .Batch Feedback - Advanced Group Options

  5. If you have allowed multiple attempts for the assignment and students have submitted more than one attempt, then you can choose to include all of their submissions by ticking the Include All Attempts box. Alternatively, leave this box un-ticked to include only the last (most recent) attempt submitted. For assignments which only allow a single attempt, you can simply ignore this option.

    Download Assignment Options

You now have two options for downloading:

  • Submissions only (Includes all files submitted by the student and/or submissions written in the text box editor)
  • Submissions and comments – As above, with the addition of any comments written in the “Comments” box which will be included as plain text files.

Click on your chosen option to begin the download process.

The default behaviour is to provide all of the assignment submissions in a zip file. However, if the sum total of files is particularly large, you will be presented with the following message and warned that it may take some time to generate the zip file.

Download Submission Options

You have two options if this message appears. You can choose to wait and “Proceed with the download“. Alternatively, if you are using the Google Chrome Web browser, then you can download the files using an alternative method.

If you proceed with the download, then the zip file will generate and you can save this file to your computer.

Alternative Download Method

The alternative download method will download all assignment submissions individually to a location on your computer as opposed to in a single zip file.

This method is only supported by the Google Chrome Web browser and therefore it is recommended that you use this browser for the full experience of this feature.

Files will be saved automatically to your specified “Downloads” folder. You can change the location of your Downloads folder in Google Chrome’s settings. See here for more details on how to do this.

Tip: You might wish to create a folder on your computer before proceeding with the download and set this folder to temporarily be your Downloads folder so that all files are saved in this folder.

Alternative Download Method in Batch Feedback

Click on the button labelled “Click Here to Download Submissions”. The first time you use this feature, you will be asked by Google Chrome if you wish to “Allow Multiple File Downloads”. Click Allow to proceed.

The file downloads will then start, one at a time, and be saved automatically to your specified Downloads folder. The file naming convention is the same as if you were downloading the files in a zip package.