Adding Video to Blackboard

Adding videos to a Blackboard module can make it more dynamic and engaging for students.  It is highly recommended for staff to use ReView, the Educational Activity Capture service powered Panopto to record live lectures and screencasts to digitally enhance students’ learning experience.


The following Getting Started with ReView guide explains how to start using the platform to record live lectures and personal captures.   Video recordings are hosted in a cloud based storage and does not affect your Blackboard quota. The system integrates within the VLE, making embedding video easy.

Alternatively, there are several other options for adding video content to your module; this guide explores these options and explains how to use them.

Uploading Your Own Video into Blackboard

There are several options available to you for embedding your video into your module:

  • Upload to YouTube and add via the Mashups tool or use the embed code (see below) provided by YouTube
  • Upload to Vimeo and add via the Mashups tool or use the embed code (see below) provided by Vimeo
  • Place your video into a Content Item using the VTBE, which also allows you to have supporting text directly with the video (see below)
  • Use Video Everywhere (see below) which allows you to record videos directly with your webcam and save them to YouTube before inserting into your module

It is worth pointing out that you can add external videos to your Blackboard module from either YouTube or Vimeo using the mashups tools. This is suitable for people who wish to use these mashup-allservices to upload their videos or would like to link to existing videos they have created. This option also enables you to search for publicly available videos in YouTube and Vimeo and insert them easily into your module. This is useful if you find material produced by others which can be re-used, but do remember to be aware of copyright issues. For further details on how to use the mashups tools, see our  YouTube and Vimeo mashups user guides.

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Inside a Content Item (using the VTBE)

This option is useful if you want to provide some additional text alongside your video, perhaps to provide some context or some instructions for students if you want them to do a follow-up activity. It is assumed your video has already been uploaded to the ReView Video Library of the module.

  1. Navigate to the content area in your module where you wish to place your video.
  2. Hover your mouse over Build Content and select Create > Item.
  3. Give your content item a Name.
  4. You can type in some text in the item if you wish, or add other content such as images.
  5. Using the Mashup option, you can now select your video from the ReView Video Library.
Embed Code

Videos from external sources such as YouTube and Vimeo can be added to your Blackboard module using embed code which is provided by the service. For both YouTube and Vimeo, it is strongly recommended that you add videos to your modules using the built-in mashups tools since this is much easier.

However, should you need to add a video with embed code, then it is usually a case of simply copying the code from the provider and pasting it into Blackboard, as follows:

  1. Firstly, copy the embed code for the video from the source (e.g. from YouTube).
  2. Navigate to the content area in your module where you wish to embed your video.
  3. Hover your mouse over Build Content and select Create > Item.
  4. Give your content item a Name.
  5. Switch the Visual Text Box Editor (VTBE) into HTML Code View by clicking the HTML button on the bottom row.
  6. Paste your code into the text editor.
  7. Select any other settings such as date and time restrictions.
  8. Click Submit when you have finished.
Tip! You can apply the same steps listed above to embed other content into your Blackboard module, if embed code is provided.