Adding a Podcast to Blackboard

This guide looks at how you can add a podcast to your Blackboard module, from audio files you have created previously or by recording them straight into Blackboard. You can make podcasts available within the course only (where they are not so much podcasts, rather just audio files) or you can enable them to be picked up by a podcast reader eg. iTunes outside of Blackboard automatically.

Single or Multiple

The first thing you need to decide is if you want your podcasts to be grouped together, ideal if you’re creating a new podcast each week, or if you want to create a single podcast, useful for a one-off episode. Multiple podcasts are created in Blackboard as a Feed that people can subscribe to and automatically receive the latest podcast as you add to it, single podcasts are called Episodes. How you add a podcast to your module whether it’s a single or multiple episode podcast is very similar but you need to decide which way you’re going to do it before you start.

We’ll start by creating a multiple episode podcast.

Creating a Podcast Feed (Multiple)
  1. Navigate to the Learning Materials content area in your module, it’s up to you where you create your podcast feed but it’s generally a good idea to organise the content in your module by using folders. For example you could create a separate folder called Podcasts which will contain all of this content.
  2. Once you’re in the content area you want to create the Podcast Feed, ensure Edit Mode is turned on and click Tools > Campus Pack Podcast Feed.
  3. Enter a Title for the podcast, a Description and optionally choose to Create Grade Book Entry if you want to use the tool for assessment. Once you’ve chosen the required options, click Add.addContent2
  4. You now have an empty podcast feed that you can add episodes to, click the New Episode button to get started. You’ll be asked to give the episode a title, Week 1 or a short description of the podcast content are good examples to use. When you’ve entered a title click New Episode and you can create your podcast episode.addEpisode2
Creating a Podcast Episode (Single)
  1. Podcast Episodes can exist on their own as one-off podcasts or within a Podcast Feed as part of a bigger collection. If you’ve already created a podcast feed and you want to add a podcast episode then skip to the Media section; or if you only want to create a single podcast episode do the following.
  2. In the content area you want to create the episode, ensure Edit Mode is turned on, click Tools > Campus Pack Podcast Episode and enter a Title for the episode.singleEpisode
  1. Choose how you would like to add your podcast audio to the episode, you can Record Media, which lets you record straight into Blackboard using a microphone connected to your computer. You will need allow the microphone access on your browser in order to record the audio.
    chrome_mic   firefox_mic
    Allow microphone access on Google Chrome (top) and Mozila Firefox (bottom)
  2. Click the Record button to start and Stop button to finish.record
  3. Upload Media lets you choose a file you have already recorded and edited. Click on Upload Media then browse to select your audio file. See the Creating a Podcast guide for more information on how to record and edit audio using Audacity.upload upload2
  4. Link to External Media lets you link to an audio file hosted on another web server. Copy and paste the podcast URL then click Check Link. A valid URL will give a green tick.checklink
  5. Once you’ve added your audio click Save & Exit.


Listening to Podcasts

Once you’ve added a podcast to either a feed or an episode there are a number of options for listening to the audio.

  1. In the content area you created your podcast click the View link for the podcast you want to listen to.view
  2. Users can listen to the podcasts from within Blackboard but clicking on the Play icon for each podcast they see. The audio will be played in their web browser.
Deleting and Editing

You can easily edit or delete podcast episodes by clicking on the Edit and Delete links next to each episode when you’re viewing a Podcast Feed.