Welcome to Portfolio@Tees

Welcome to Teesside University's digital portfolio system powered by MAHARA. Portfolio@Tees is designed to provide you with the tools to create a personal and professional learning environment.

It’s a portfolio system that you can use for a range of purposes:

  • Share and showcase your portfolio/CV
  • Store and upload your digital documents, images and embedded media
  • Forge links with employers and other jobseekers
  • Collaborate and learn in groups
  • Work towards/showcase professional accreditation
  • Provide formative feedback and summative assessment
  • Connect with other users and create online communities

Portfolio@Tees can also be used to support and record your personal growth and learning through reflective practices and demonstrate life-long learning.

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Develop your portfolio

Create your electronic portfolio in a flexible personal learning environment


Control your privacy

Share your achievements and development in a space you control


Find people and join groups

Engage with other people in discussion forums and collaborate with them in groups